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% Flat - % Hill

These percentages are the repartition between flat and hill that you set in the "Elevation" section.


New training shows an empty graph, since there are no songs linked to the ride yet.

As you ad music, the graph will be refreshed, drawing the itinerary.

Minutes Flat - Minutes Hill

According to the repartition, Spinfully tells you how many minutes are needed, for flat and for hill rhythm.

As you add music, these values changes.

Button: Add Music

Tap on the button to access your music library.

Once a song is linked, it appears in the songs list.

Pay attention to the row's colour:

  • Green means that the song's Beats per Minutes are between 80 and 100 (flat);
  • Otherwise, the row is Orange (hill);
  • Turquoise row means that there's no information about BpM in the music file.

Music stored on the cloud

If you want a song stored on the cloud but not on the device, first download it in the library.

Change music order

To change songs order:

  • tap on the song,
  • move the row above the desired position,
  • release it.

The graph will be automatically updated.

Remove a song


Select a song from the graph


Spinfully Trainer > Topics > Music