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Spinfully Trainer > Topics > New Training Type


This is the title of the ride. You can change it any time you want.


Training Type is a list of standard categories of training:

  • Tempo,
  • Interval,
  • Fartlek,
  • Power,
  • Other.

The category doesn't bind the way you configure the ride, it's only a label.

Tap on the label ‘Select a training type here’ to open the list.

The default value is "Interval". Scroll the list to the left or to the right to view other opinions. Once you have found the category that best suits your training, tap on it.

You can change the type any time you want.


Choose the level by touching one of the icons.

This information is useful for athletes to understand the effort they're supposed to face.


Duration is a value between 30' and 90'.

Duration is used to:

  • sort rides in the training list,
  • guide you through music selection. 

Save new training

Press 'Cancel' to abandon. If you want to save the ride,  tap on "Elevation" and then save.

Spinfully Trainer > Topics > New Training Type