Spinning Joyfully

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Ride Icon

Tipically, the ride icon is a frame of the first video of the ride.

If there's no video, a neutral icon will be shown.

If the ride has been imported, the icon is the author's picture.


The training title is blue if you are the author, otherwise, it's red.


The training graph shows the elevation and the progressive duration of the music.

Play Counter

The grey circle appears when you finish playing a whole ride, showing the total times a workout has been played.

Navigation buttons & Scrolling

Scroll through the list using the navigation buttons.

Sort Button

You can sort the list tapping on the sort button.

Choose between:

  • Times Played
  • Date Created
  • Trainer Name
  • Title
  • Duration

Delete a ride

To remove a ride, slide on the row to the left. A red button will appear.

A further message will appear, to avoid accidental deleting.

If you confirm, the row will be removed, including:

  • exercises,
  • resistance.

If you are the author of the ride, you will remove only the link to your media files in your library (music or video), not the files.

Otherwise, if you have imported the ride, music and video will be removed from your device, because they're not stored in your library but in the Spinfully app.

Spinfully Trainer > Topics > Training List