Let your workout session be a show!

Spinfully Trainer > Professional Training

Simulate Elevation

  • Choose music,
  • Set the song’s Beats per Minute.

Flat is defined by music from 80 to 110 BpM, otherwise it’s hill.

Minimum and maximum heart rate

For each song:

  • set two percentages - Minimum and maximum heart rate your athletes are expected to comply with.

Athletes playing your ride with their device, using Spinfully Athlete, will see the value measured on their personal data.


No need to improvise exercise + take an overview of the global effort.

For each song:

  • set exercises perfectly on time with music,
  • set resistance according to exercises type and duration.

On the graph, check effort:

  • intensity (higher lines, higher effort), 
  • type (different colours for different exercises),
  • distribution.

Spinfully Trainer > Professional Training